My Life in University

Finally I am going to graduate from the university and head to the work life, totally excited about it! Time passed fast, I can still remember how worrying I am about university admissions. As for most of us, it is the final step in our education, so it is vital to make an informed choice!! And I know that I have not make the wrong choice of choosing Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) as my school.

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is an institution established by the Ministry of Education, with its primary mission to provide polytechnic graduates a pathway for pursuing university education locally. Click here for the history of SIT!

I’m a Mechanical Design Engineering, BEng (Hons) student under University of Glasgow one of the oversea partners of SIT. I am also the exclusive committee member of SIT Student Orientation (SSO) Camp 2014 and SIT Rotaract Club.  So basically for the partnership courses, the Oversea University (OU) will handle the student academics, while SIT will handle the school life of the student (like CCA, school events, admins stuff etc.) Yeah~ it may looks confusing or I can say it is confusing but it will be a no big deal after a while. Nothing is perfect, same to this school. So let’s talk about the not so good one before we go to things that I adore with.

Truthfully, being in this school with this kind of system it is very hard for student to make friends other than its own OU. The reason why, was the student are all around Singapore compared to NTU and NUS they have their own campus. SIT have a totally of 6 campuses, one in each of the 5 polytechnic and the main headquarter at Dover.

With the campus problem, it is also very hard for student to be committed with their CCA. Imagine you studying at the TP campus; however the training or meeting held at the Dover campus (usually), who the hell will travel all the way down after all the tiring lectures. Other than the venue issue, the other reason will be all the OU have different timetables. This is one of the “unbearable” issues for me. As my club plans event regularly, in order to make sure majority of the student are able to attend, finding a common time.

“SHIT!! No friends, No CCA!! Just study and study, is this even a university life?” Don’t worry, with strong willingness and good time management it won’t be so much of a problem, for me this is why I love SIT too.

Here are some little tips and the things I adore about SIT for those juniors who see this, 1) please attend the camp, 2) get a CCA, 3) attend as many Value-added programmes as you could and 4) attend activities!

1. Attend the Orientation Camp

So let start from the very beginning, and it is the Orientation Camp where I met my very first group of friends’ there. You may think that a camp is boring, with all the stupid boring games and cheering, aren’t only kids doing that. No you are wrong, below are a few things you can do during the camp:

  • Find a senior that is the same course as you; so that you can take a few tips and notes from them.
  • Get a CCA; the last day of the camp a CCA booth will be held by the seniors. Go down and take a look, chit-chat with them to know more about it
  • Make new friends; this is one of the chance you are about to meet friends outside your OU, you don’t know he/she may become your future boyfriend/ girlfriend
  • Make new memories; I promise you won’t regret it!

2. Join a CCA

I was a bookworm in the very first year but volunteer for being a class representative. At that time it directly makes me the member of the Student Management Committees (SMC) that is to bond and integrate students from various degree programmes together as one big SIT Family through enriching events and activities. Forward to a year later, I have a chance for being the programme head of SMC but I rejected the position as I dislike the way how they handle problems.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

For me I did see the door that has opened for me. I ended up being the Head of Public Relations & Marketing of SSO Camp 2014. And by some luck, I met the ex-president of the Rotaract Club, with my experience in SSO I have also become the Publicity and Marketing Director of the club. With the help of this two committee, it widen my network, allow me to help the community, improving my communication skill and last but not least I met a lot of good friends and buddy. *Aww~~ I miss them already!!* These is not the only things that I adore, our school also have this department “Student Life” where it literally handle student life. Sometime they also gossip about student life *irritating! but you will get used to it someday* but there are really good faculty there to guide you and also given you lots of opportunities.

3. Join a Value Added Programme (VAP)

Every holiday/ breaks season a list of VAP will be held by SIT in order to groom graduates who are able to apply their university knowledge quickly at the workplace. There are programme for Career Headstart, Hobbies and Leisure, Languages and Culture and also Knowledge Upgrade. For me it is a good opportunities to learn a new language for FOC, where in the future it may cost a lots otherside.

4. Join an Activities


One of the community service event, organize by a group of student from SIT Rotaract Club. You can volunteers with them to assist the beneficial to clean up their house.  

As I mentions, clubs plans event regularly like what I did. You just have to pay a small amount of fee to enjoy the event, learn new skills and makes lots of friends. Isn’t that great!

Hahah… finally it’s comes to the end of the post. It may looks like promoting SIT but I’M NOT! SIT is really a good place where it given me lots of opportunities, that I have never think I’m able to have. It also allows me to meet friends and people in different community. Where it helps me to grow to what I am now. I really hope my tips and experience do well for those who are thinking of university admissions. Stay tune for more posts regarding to my university life!!



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